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Data/Process Automation

Data/Process Automation

-For the growing need for automating the repetitive activities and quality of the result achieved

The Need

Most of organizations day-in and day-out have allocated resources in their process for the activities that remains same every day. These activities done by allocated resources is a manual process, with a geater tendency to errors and takes lot of useful man-hours, directly affecting their revenue and profit margins. The allocated resources take a lot of pain to complete the task with-in schedule hours, as the data grows their effort also grows simultaneously. The schedule pressure and absenteeism of the allocated resources affects on the delivery and quality of the output required. These manual process activities also need to be monitored during the process, which is again manual and needs a quality resource to monitor.

The organization to keep-up with present competition in the market, need to make their product or service "Faster, Cheaper and Better". To achieve this goal the organization needs to automated their process, to remove un-need man-hours and provide a quality product or service which are competitive in the markets

How we can help?

Gutsy can help you to overcome the above difficulties and achieve the desired output with quality. We will automate your process using VBA (Macro) with UI interfaces. With a click of the button the process will be completed with-in fraction of a second or minute depending on the size of data. We in-built the quality checks with-in the program for data audit. We also ensure that the program developed by us provides you detailed log at every process check points. The log provides the details on the completion of the process and also records the abnormalities during the process.

The activities that can be automated can range from

Data gathering
Data cleansing or formatting
Data Validation
File or data allocation to the team
Data aggregation,
File or data consolidation
Importing or Exporting of data to external data sources
Automated report generation,
Data Auditing – Quality check's

The Data/Process automation increases the quantity of the output without compromising on quality.

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