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Building Operational Dashboards

Building Operational Dashboards

-For the growing need for automated excel template to gather data, analyze and report the data.

The Need
There are lots of inconsistency in data gathered, data analyzed and reported across the organization. Each department follows their own way of capturing the data and presenting it to the management. Each report generated will have different metrics, charts, color themes and different view point. These reports do not represent the real objective of the organization. Its take lot of time to cleanse and consolidate various reports generated across the organization to have consolidate report. The inconsistent reports do not provide you the single version of truth in the organization.

How we can help?
Gutsy can help the organization to overcome the above difficulties by building macro and form driven operational templates. The operational templates with in-built forms and macros developed by gutsy will help the organization to gather a data that is consistent, and follow standard reporting format across all departments. The template will also help in getting the single version of truth and attain real objective of the organization.

The reporting in organization should be like a coral reef, right from tiny coral to large coral will be of same shape and color, except for the size. The department level reports should be reflecting of your organizational report. Gutsy operational templates will help the organization to attain the consistency of coral reef.

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